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Rest assured with nuenfant Nuenfant, for when your baby's growth and development are so important. What’s in our formula? Nuenfant Gold. Our unique
recipe is based on the latest food safety, technology and paediatric sciences.
What can I expect from my baby in month 2? Your baby is constantly taking in new information about the world around him. He's also learning how to communicate with you.
Sleeps will get shorter during the day, and longer at night. Start putting baby into the cot before she's fully asleep, whil
What can I expect from my baby in month 1? Your baby will sleep a lot. Typically, newborns sleep 2-3 hours at a time, 16 to 18 hours a day. Establish a routine early by feeding your baby at the same time every day.
Feed frequently and in small amounts. A newborn is not very hungry the fi
Fun development-boosting games for a 4 - 6 month old At this age, your baby will become a lot more physical, learning how to roll over and even sit up. She can now hold, handle, and mouth objects, and she'll spend a good part of her busy days doing so (meaning extra vigilance is needed on your part).
Fun development-boosting games for birth to three months To the outside observer, a newborn will mostly just lie there, except when he's crying. So how can you connect with him and have fun?
Your best chance of doing this is to engage your baby's senses - touch, sight (remember, your baby is still ), smell
where to buy why i can't buy nuenfant in chinese shop? where to buy why i can't buy nuenfant in chinese shop? Samples?? Hi There

I was wondering if you offer samples of the product?.

I was at the baby show, and there was no samples but they asked me to look online.
Samples Does you business offer samples as not happy with the brand we use and really want to try something before buying a full tin and this was recommended to us :)

Trustseal™ Trial Launch Announcement Nutriadairy is running a limited trial of the new Trustseal™ food security technology. Currently only some products available in local stores will have the security stickers attached, so do not be alarmed if your product does not have one. If you d Stage two Follow on Hi there I ordered a trial of the stage two follow on formula but was sent stage three. I was wondering if I could have the stage two as I would like to know if my son gets a rash as he has done with other cow milk formulas. He is 11 months so I wo Nuenfantat the Skykiwi event - Most Energetic Baby Award Skykiwi’s Most Energetic Baby event, sponsored by Nuenfant, was held on the 28 of September 2014 at Q Rabbit Playland, Penrose, Auckland. Awards were given to the most energetic babies in several key categories. This event aimed to promot How to watch the 2014 Youth Olympic Games New Zealanders are able to watch the Youth Olympic Games kicking off tonight in Nanjing, China.,  and. 8 fun indoor games to play with your 7-9 month old baby Does it feel like your baby is learning something new every day? At this age, they're becoming more mobile and inquisitive and their brain development is taking off. Here are eight interactive, development-boosting games to keep your budding adventur What can I expect from my baby in month 3? A unique personality is starting to show through. Intelligence is growing, too, as baby begins to learn more about how the world works. Now is a good time for new people, objects and experiences.
Five to six hour stretches of sleep are common through
What can I expect from my baby in month 4? By now, baby might even be trying to have a conversation with you, and laughing. Imitate her laugh, and try to communicate back. At four months, it's also time to learn more about protection from disease.
Each day's sleep will probably add up to abou
What can I expect from my baby in month 5? A 5-month-old baby is usually able to sit up (with some support) and pass toys from one hand to another. Some babies at this stage of development also start become aware and wary of strangers.
Uh oh... expect baby to start waking up during the night
Product range

Nuenfant Gold Stage 1 Infant formula

OurProducts Stage1

Stage 1 Infant formula

from birth to 6 months

Our Nuenfant Goldtm product range uses an exclusive blending and drying process and a unique recipe.

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Nutritional benefits

Your newborn baby is very small, so will not be hungry for the first two or three days after birth. Feed frequently, and in small amounts..

Your baby is brand new, but already a gifted communicator. Look out for hunger signals such as lip smacking, tongue movement, and eye fluttering. When she cries, it means feeding time was some time ago. When you feed, whether from bottle or breast, talk softly. This helps your baby associate your voice with nourishment.

  unit average per 100g powder per 100kJ powder per 100mL of prepared feed
Energy kJ 2069 100 277
Protein g 11.6 0.56 1.5
 Whey g 7.0 0.34  0.9
 Casein g 4.6 0.22  0.6 
Fat g 25.0 1.21 3.3
 Linoleic Acid g 3.87 0.19  0.52
 a-Linolenic Acid mg 391 19  52
Arachidonic Acid(ARA) mg 89 4.3  12.0
Docosahexaenoic Acid(DHA) mg 83 4.0 11.1
Carbohydrate g 54 2.6  7.3 
 Lactose g 50 2.4  6.7 
Vitamin A µg-RE 434 21 58 
Vitamin D3 µg 7.7  0.37  1.0 
Vitamin E mg a-TE  9.8 0.48  1.3 
Vitamin K1 µg 31  1.5  4.2 
Thiamin (B1)
µg 497  24  67 
Riboflavin(B2 ) µg 503  24  67 
Vitamin  B6
µg 450  21.8  60 
Vitamin  B12 µg 1.1  0.055  0.15 
Niacin (B3 )  mg 0.38  0.18  0.51
Folic Acid  µg 114  5.5  15 
Pantothenic Acid (B5 mg 2.8  0.14  0.38 
Vitamin C mg 126  6.1  17 
Biotin  µg 13  0.6  1.8 
Sodium mg 139  6.7 19 
Potassium mg 495  24  66 
Copper µg 325  15.7 43 
Magnesium mg 43  2.1  5.8 
Iron mg 5.6  0.27  0.75 
Zinc mg 4.1  0.20  0.54
Manganese µg 134  6.5  18 
Calcium mg 428  21  57 
Phosphorus mg 250 12  34 
Iodine µg 84  4.1  11 
Chloride mg 340  16  46 
Selenium µg 19  0.92  2.6 
L-Carnitine mg 0.4 1.2
Taurine mg 43  2.1  5.7
Choline mg 55  2.7  7.0 
Inositol mg 32  1.5  4.2 
 Cytidine 5-monophosphate mg 6.4  0.31 0.86 
 Uridine 5'-monophosphate mg 4.5  0.22  0.60 
 Adenosine 5'-monophosphate mg 4.0  0.19  0.54 
 Inosine 5'-monophosphate mg 2.6  0.12 0.34 
 Guanosine 5'-monophosphate mg 1.3  0.06  0.17 
 Galacto oligosaccharide (GOS) g 1.9  0.09 0.25
 Fructo oligosaccharide (FOS) g 1.1  0.05  0.15




PRODUCT TYPE: Milk-based older infant follow-on formula powder based on cows' milk protein Allergy Caution: This Infant Formula is a milk based (cow) formula; contains soy, fish, milk protein. This product is fully fortified with minerals and vitamins. Consumption of vitamin or mineral preparations are not necessary unless recommended by your doctor.

Usage instructions

Feeding Guide


Cooled boiled water

Level scoops of powder*

Number of feeds per day

Up to 2 weeks (0-2 weeks)




Up to 2 months (2weeks-2 month)




Up to 4 months (2-4 month)




Up to 6 months (4-6 month)




*1 scoop ≈ 7.5 g of powder

Note: 1 scoop of powder added to 50ml of water yields approximately 56ml of formula. This feeding guide is a general guide only; your baby may need more or less than shown.

A guide for Mums getting started with formula

Handling and preparing formula can be easy, once you understand the basics. Firstly, use the correct measurements. Watering down the formula can prevent baby from gaining essential nutrients.

Also, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Never feed formula that has expired to your baby, or use formula if the container is dented.
  • Clean the lids of formula cans to remove any dust.
  • If formula is in a can, be sure your can opener is clean.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.

How to prepare powder baby formula

Wash hands before preparing the feed. Sterilise all utensils by boiling or using an approved sterilising agent. Boil safe drinking water and allow to cool.

Measure the required volume of cooled, boiled water into a sterilised feeding bottle. Warm to feeding
temperature. Use only the enclosed scoop. Fill the scoop lightly and level off using the built-in leveler. Avoid compacting powder. Always add one level scoop of powder for each 50ml of water. Cap the bottle and shake briskly to dissolve the powder.

Test temperature on wrist before feeding. Feed immediately. Discard unfinished feeds.

Storage guide

Use within four weeks of opening. Close the lid tightly after each use and store in a cool place. Use by the date on the bottom of container. Do not use if foil seal is missing or damaged. It is best to use immediately. If product is to be made in advance, refrigerate immediately and use within 24 hours. Failure to store correctly has a detrimental effect on product quality.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Use by the date on the package (2 years from manufacture date). Use within 4 weeks of opening.

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